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The Blue Cave

The “Blue Cave” is the last attraction of the Hams Caves.

The Blue Cave

the past

In the “Blue Cave” -new attraction since 2015- the documentary “Discovering the past” introduces us to the history of Mallorca, its first inhabitants, the formation of the Caves and its extraordinary discovery.

Blue Cave Columns

Columnas de Sanson
Foso del Infierno
LED lighting

The history
of the life

You will be able to admire the spectacular new LED lighting, the “Samson’s Pillars”, the “Plains of Fra Mauro” and the “Pit oh hell”, in whose auditorium they will enjoy with “GENESIS, -the history of life-”, a vertiginous audiovisual Time Lapse, from the Big-Bang to the present day, in a giant projection on the ancient rock of the Cave itself.

Ancient rocks

nature and color

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Auditorium Genesis

A unique natural space created to enjoy with the latest technology.

Blue Cave Auditorium

Auditorium Genesis