Cuevas dels Hams

Our history

Come and discover the rest of the history of the Hams Caves.


The Hams Caves are 10 million years old, but man has only enjoyed their beauty since they were discovered by the speleologist Don Pedro Caldentey Santandreu (1886-1950) in 1905 when he was digging in search of onyx, a precious rock abundant in area. Thanks to your concern and persistence we can now visit them.

Cuevas dels Hams Historia ABUELO-PEDRO
Cuevas dels Hams Historia
Cuevas dels Hams Historia


In 1910 he brought electric light to the Cave to illuminate it before there was light in the town of Porto Cristo. From a mill with a waterfall, a dynamo and a cistern, he generated 16 hours of electricity to visit the cave.

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